Hardie board trim

During our careers at James Hardie Canada, it was frustrating to see contractors make the same mistakes over and over again.

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We found that most of the common problems with James Hardie siding came down to the same thing: installer error. This means that contractors need to be careful to apply just the right amount of paint when painting nails or slight imperfections in the siding and trim.

If a contractor uses too much paint on your home, the touch-ups will end up fading faster than the factory paint on your Hardie board. Unfortunately, the only way to fix bad touch-ups on Hardie siding is to repaint the entire affected wall or section. So how do you tell if your contractor is using too much touch-up before it starts to fade? The easiest way to tell is to look at your house from multiple angles and in different light conditions.

Another easy way to tell if your siding contractor is doing their touch-ups properly is to watch them work. Make sure your contractor is using the right tool for the job. Lastly, James Hardie does not allow the use of colour matched caulking for touch-ups.

It will look okay on day one, but caulk is not designed to be used as a touch-up and it will weather at a different pace than the siding.

How to Cut Cement Board and Hardie Backer

There really is no excuse for siding installers to store Hardie products incorrectly: storage instructions are printed right on the bag, and we all know the weather here can change very quickly! Simple, right? Well, many Edmonton siding contractors forget to cover their Hardie with tarps when they pack up for the night.

Luckily, it takes lots of water to saturate Hardie products! James Hardie siding is 12 feet long, which means that siding on your longer walls will need to join together. Joining Hardie boards together is actually very easy, but there are a number of ways that contractors get it wrong. This means that the boards should be touching each other when they are installed.

There is no need to leave a gap for expansion. Most contractors will remember to do this, but some of them try to save a buck by cutting squares of building paper for these slip sheets. Colour matched metal slip sheets are a much more durable and better-looking option. This means that the butt joints may develop a pattern if the installer is not paying attention. Clusters, steps, and zippers are all common patterns that can ruin the look of larger walls.

With the rising popularity of architectural panels in Edmonton, designers and contractors are often choosing Hardie Panel with Easy Trim as a modern design option that saves homeowners money check out our blog post on contemporary design to learn more about Hardie Panel and Easy Trim. Hardie Panels weigh 2. James Hardie has tested and approved many nail and screw patterns for their panels, just make sure that your contractor knows them. Hardie Plank siding is almost always installed with air nailers, which are the best tool for quick installation.

The only downside of pneumatic tools is that sometimes the installer will get going a little bit too quickly, and will lose track of where the nails are going.

Any lower and you might see a few nail heads poking through the bottom of the next board, any higher and your siding is likely to be loose and could even rattle in the wind.

High nails are very common from inexperienced James Hardie installers, because they think the nails can go anywhere above the nail line. Most of the James Hardie installation requirements in Canada are designed to deal with excess moisture.

Because we get so much snow and ice in Edmonton, these requirements are very important. During my time working for James Hardie, I very rarely got calls from homeowners that wanted to submit a warranty claim for their Hardie siding.If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Cement board is interchangeably referred to by quite a few names, and it is worth listing those out. Hardiebacker ensures mold will never be an issue on your cement board by not using any paper in their product. One perk of hardie board is that it comes standard with perforated groves on standard lines, making it a lot easier to cut. For these purposes, cement backer board is perfect.

That is why cement board is mainly used as a substrate for tiling.

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Since tile is widely used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where there is constant moisture, it has become the go-to solution when tiling. Cement board has the great advantage of being totally inorganic. As mentioned earlier, it will not rot, warp, mold, or deteriorate when wet. Cement board is best used water could be present. Obviously, wood is not an ideal material to use in places where there is moisture.

Neither is drywall. Never use anything that can mold. Cement board is also used as a substrate for manufactured veneer stone, at times. Cement board offers considerably more strength when compared to drywall. It provides builders with the easy-install equivalent of a concrete subfloor. It is a very hard, very flat surface. While perfect for tile, professional builders often use cement board for other kinds of floors, countertops, backsplashes, and even walls.

The simplest way to cut concrete wallboard or cement backer board is not to use power tools at all. Similar to the way drywall is cut, it is possible to score the cement board and snap it along that scoreline. But, it will wear down the blade and take some effort.Choosing a home siding can be a daunting process.

hardie board trim

It's a whole new arena to become familiar with and it's not uncommon to have questions. Here we've compiled homeowners' most frequently asked questions. How much does HardiePlank lap siding cost?

Your contractor will give you an estimate that includes labor and materials, based on your specific project. This will give you the best idea of how much siding will cost for you.

How do your prices compare to the prices of brick and vinyl? James Hardie provides a 1 year limited product warranty for HardiePanel used as skirting on a mobile home. How is HardieWrap weather barrier better than other housewraps? In independent testsHardieWrap weather barrier outperformed its nearest competition in each of these categories: water holdout, air penetration resistance and tear resistance.

How much does HardieWrap weather barrier cost?

hardie board trim

HardieWrap weather barrier is competitively priced. Where can I find installation instructions and best practice guides for James Hardie Building Products?

How to Replace Wood Window Trim with HardieTrim Boards

What thickness is used in floor applications? Is a vapor barrier required? However, we recommend HardieBacker if you need to make a smooth transition to drywall. The board must be mechanically fastened every 8'' on center to the wood or metal studs spaced a maximum of 16'' on center. A vapor barrier is needed if required by local building codes.

Which side goes up, smooth or rough? Either is acceptable, but we recommend that the smooth side with the nailing pattern of every 8" on center go up. HardieBacker board is not designed for use over concrete. Unmodified thinset ANSI This decreases the probability of popping or cracking tiles due to deflection and air pockets.

What do you mean by ''modified thinset''? The thinset can be fortified in a pre-mixed powder form or with a liquid additive. It is a structural adhesive generally used to bond the subfloor to the floor joists just prior to nailing. It creates a very solid joint between the surface of the floor joist and the subfloor and aids in reducing floor squeak. The properties of Liquid Nails are such that it is applied via a tube in the form of a bead-like caulking. It is not trowelable like a mortar and therefore results in high ridges with unsupported areas that can deflect under load, resulting in cracked tile.

Where HardieBacker board is being installed directly to wood or metal framing, the use of a structural adhesive in addition to mechanical fastening can be used.

Tools for Fiber Cement (English) (Part 1)

However, the board must be forced into the structural adhesive almost immediately upon application to insure that no ridge or crown is formed. The creation of a crown or ridge will result in an additional thickness of mortar being applied to fill in the valley created by the crown. This will require a longer curing time and result in a weaker bond between the tile and the mortar and the underlayment.

The use of a structural adhesive does not result in fewer fasteners being required.They failed, however, to use the same bug- and rot-resistant material for the window trim. Instead, windows were trimmed using pine and then primed and painted. Years later, that trim began rotting profusely.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, knowing how to replace wood window trim with HardieTrim Boards can ensure you only do this sort of renovation once. Since the former windows had exterior sills, we needed to transform them into a more rain-friendly facia style.

This also worked better with the traditional HardieTrim look. In the Florida summer, heat causes PVC to expand significantly. In the winter months, it contracts. The thickness allows them to extend past the edge of the plank trim pieces, making for a nice finished look.

Each board measures inches in length and has a primed finish with no texture. We picked them up directly at the local factory in Plant City, Florida. About James Hardie James Hardie is the inventor of and foremost world leader in modern fiber cement technology, as well as a market leader in Europe for fiber gypsum products. Found on more than eight million homes, James Hardie continues to set the standard for manufacturing, innovation, marketing and distribution of premium fiber cement products across the globe.

Pulling old trim off the historic home involved carefully cutting the caulk seams with a razor knife and then prying it up with a flat bar. Whenever possible, we used additional material to spread out the pressure at the fulcrum. This helped us avoid breaking any of the existing HardiePlank siding. Doing that would have resulted in a lot of unwanted labor. This lets you run the siding right up against the boards—giving a very nice finished look to the home.

It also makes it easy to paint the trim since it stands above the siding. Once we removed all of the old wood trim, we were ready to measure and cut the new boards to fit. With each board length coming in at inches 12 ft. In the end, we had very little extra material left over. The inch blade has 6 teeth and the inch blade has 8.We have helped more thanTexans improve their homes since We pride ourselves on providing products and services for every budget and style.

Estimates for homeowners are always free.

James Hardie Trim Sizes

You can count on our staff to care of you long after the initial project. If you find a lower price, we'll match it.

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Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Donec sed odio dui. Request Pricing Get Brochure. This trim has a raised texture that mimics wood, but unlike wood, it is resistant to warping and rotting. A rustic trim looks great on coastal homes, mountain chalets, ranch homes and more. You can't go wrong with this simple, clean look.

This trim will complete any style home that needs an update, particularly if your look is more modern. Get the sophistication of traditional crown moulding with the durability that comes with James Hardie engineering. It can add elegance to any design. HardieTrim boards with a smooth finish are great for a contemporary board and batten look. This style is lovely for giving a contemporary home a cozier feel. HardieTrim Batten Boards with a Rustic Grain finish create a charming, traditional board and batten look.

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Product specifications are believed to be accurate at the time of original publication.Not your zip code? Update it in the field below. James Hardie is here to help by providing accurate information about the new standard and guidance to help you demonstrate compliance.

hardie board trim

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Explore the Photo Gallery. Locate Distributors and Dealers. Sign Up for Updates. Need Answers? Log in to HardieLink. Optimize Safety with the Silica Resource Center. Visit JamesHardie. Learn more about the Contractor Alliance Program.

Visit JHinsite. James Hardie Customer Portal.Create a timeless design with a full spectrum of colors and textures. Get the authenticity of cedar shingles with the strength of James Hardie.

Better than the real thing, it resists rotting, curling, warping and splitting. Or, go for the more minimalist look of simple vertical lines. Accentuate corners, columns, friezes, doors, windows and more. Add that final flourish to your design statement. Reinforce the vulnerable gap between eaves and exterior walls to protect your home from moisture and pests For complete confidence, take that extra step.

The added thickness of these boards cast deep shadow lines across your home's exterior for added dimension and drama. Our weather barrier, flex flashing, seam tape and pro flashing deliver moisture protection you can rely on. Wrap your home in extra security. Our proprietary cement board helps prevent moisture damage in bathrooms and other wet areas of your home's interior. Some of the most important details are invisible.

Customize this Site Customize this Site. Enter your zip code. Enter Zip Code Products Share Save Idea. Our Fiber Cement Siding Options. Whether your dream house is a classic Colonial, ladylike Victorian or handsome Craftsman, our diverse and detailed siding options will help you create a historically accurate, architecturally correct and flat-out gorgeous home.

Also by James Hardie. Top to bottom, our products are defined by uncompromising performance, authentic aesthetics and unrivaled design options. There's no substitute for authentic James Hardie siding and trim. Select from our full collection of products to design your home's exterior.

James Hardie adds a real unique look and the durability and low maintenance James Hardie provides makes it great product.

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hardie board trim

Recognized Leader. James Hardie gets a seal of approval from customers, contractors, and the press.


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